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    Beautiful New Zealand Weddings
    Managed and Orchestrated
    By Adele Park Events
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    Beautiful New Zealand Weddings
    Managed and Orchestrated
    By Adele Park Events
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    Adele Park Events
    We are Auckland-based wedding planners and event designers,
    providing bespoke services according to your needs.
    Our team can plan your entire wedding from the overall design right
    through to the paperwork. We can also help you with as little as
    one element of your wedding, be it selecting a venue or deciding a theme
    for your wedding.

Welcome to Adele Park Events, planners of unforgettable events

Our aim is to create a wedding that is truly and uniquely yours. We aim to see your dream day through your eyes. We promise to listen carefully to your wishes and needs, and adapt them to what New Zealand wedding industry has to offer.


Customised to suit

We will work with you to realise your dream wedding or event, tailored to suit your needs.


What You Want

Adele designed her own wedding, selecting and organising the photographer, the venue and music for her wedding. The photos you see on this website are from her own wedding! She understands what a bride wants.



The Team will be happy to discuss what your needs are to determine whether Adele Park Events is the best fit for your event.

About Us

The dream team for your event: each of us brings our unique background,
skills, knowledge and experience to provide our clients the most suitable service.


Adele Park Events is a team of people, led by Adele, who are passionate about helping you have your dream event, whether it be a wedding, engagement party, birthday party or anything else!

As an event planner, Adele and her team will bring their vision and your idea together to create a fantastic occasion. The team believes that their focus on perfection will result in a beautiful and unforgettable event for the client.

Adele Park Events...
  • Are familiar with New Zealand event planning process
  • Are attentive to your needs
  • Are friendly and approachable
  • Manage your events personally
  • Work alongside you
  • “When I organised my own wedding, I started by creating idea boards for each element of my wedding, e.g., the wedding table, the cake, reception décor, hair, make-up, flowers, and dress, etc. Then from these idea boards I contacted vendors and visited different locations. I love organising events I have a keen eye for detail and aspire to perfection. My make-up artist said she’d finally met someone who makes her obsessive compulsive-like attention to detail look normal!”

    Adele Park, Event Organiser

Our Services

Please see below as a guidance
but we are happy to discuss your specific needs.

Starter Package

With starter package, we can help you plan the big picture of your event. We can figure out what you may need to prepare before you can plan the details.

Premium Package

This service allows you to choose 10+ items of their event (e.g. venue, photographer, caterer etc.)to be managed from start to finish. This includes ongoing communication and check-ins with the suppliers/vendors by Adele Park Events right up to the day before the event.

Platinum Package

One step above from the Premium Package, this service involves a big picture planning with Adele Park Events and then as much, or as little involvement with the details of the planning as desired by you. This service is suitable for someone who might just like to rock up to their event on the day without the worries or hassles of planning or styling or designing the small detail.


D-Day Package

This is only available to be used in conjunction with other packages. With this service, Adele Park Events will be there at your event on the day, and makes sureyour day goes smoothly without any hiccups.



We would be happy to discuss whether we could help you realise your dream event.

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